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Condor Fetishes

Hiram Peynetsa

Condor Fetishes

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$ 335.00

Awesome pair of condors Hand Carved from black marble with apple coral head with turquoise inlaid eyes,, a "Wild Horse" ,marble base and two serpentine saguaros. Condor is the common name for two new world vultures. The Andean condor, which inhabits the Andean mountains, and the California condor which is currently restricted to the western coastal mountains of the United States and Mexico and the northern desert mountains of Arizona in the United States, may live for 50 years or more and mate for life. Their wingspan is 9.5 feet and they can weigh up to 23 pounds. Order this striking pair of condors now and enjoy( our pictures don't do these majestic birds justice)! Signed Hiram Peynetsa. 2 1/2" tall- 2 1/2" long",  thick- 2 /2" long (base). 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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