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Dragonfly Diorama

Ruben Najera

Dragonfly Diorama

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$ 164.99

Enchanting diorama featuring two dragonflies Hand Carved from antler. Dragonflies are associated with skill, refinement and relentlessness. Ruben's carvings are very refined and are almost always executed in antler which has been used by the Zuni as a caving medium since prehistoric times. Ruben is the brother of talented and well known Zuni carver Esteban Najera who is also noted for his detailed antler fetishes. Buy this flawless carving now and experience the magic of owning a Ruben Najera original fetish carving. (our pictures admittedly don't do justice to this fetish). Signed Ruben Najera. 2 5/8" tall- 2 1/8" wide- 1 1/4" deep. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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