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Elk Antler Dancing Bear Carving Zuni Indian Hand Carved Animal Fetish

Claudia Peina

Elk Antler Dancing Bear Carving

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$ 279.99

Cheerful dancing bear Hand Carved from an elk antler( no elk were harmed in creating this bear as they naturally shed their horns in the spring) with a turquoise inlaid necklace and red coral and turquoise bracelets. Claudia is the top woman carver at Zuni and her fetishes have perfect style, flow and proportion. The flawless finish on this bear makes him a pleasure to touch and hold. Bears are associated with strength, introspection, self- knowledge, healing and the power of the soul. They are believed to lighten emotional burdens and are one of the six directional fetishes in the Zuni universe and guard the west. Order this museum quality bear fetish now and experience the magic of owning a Claudia Peina dancing bear. Signed CP. 6 1/4" tall- 7/8" thick- 3" wide (feet). 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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