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Francis Leekya Jet Bear Fetish Zuni Indian Stone Animal carving

Francis Leekya

Francis Leekya Jet Bear Fetish

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Black jet bear craved in a very alert and kinetic forward leaning stance with head cocked slightly upward and to the right, inlaid turquoise yes, incised nostril holes, unusually large and individually carved legs with separate toe digits, a short stub tail plus a big offering bundle made up of a 1 3/4" red spiney oyster shell arrow point topped by a smaller 5/8" turquoise segment, itself surmounted by a 7/16" dark red oxblood coral branch pece that when viewed from the top is naturally shaped like a tiny bear or lion. This is a very large and superbly crafted carving made by Francis on or about August 13, 1999 and acquired by Matt Leo directly from him at his home workshop one of a few definitely museum quality pieces this partially paralyzed octogenarian made for the 78th Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials in Gallup. Francis was especially proud to point out to Matt that he did everything himself on this piece, even the inlaying of the turquoise eyes with his one remaining functional arm. Francis was the son of Leekya Deyuse, brother of Sarah Leekya and Alice Leekya Homer and father of carvers Delvin, Hayes and Freddie Leekya. He passed away in May of 2003. This piece was originally acquired from Matt Leo of Sedonawolf in September of 1999. Order this historically important carving now and own a little piece of Zuni art history.  3 3/4" long- 2 3/8" tall (head)- 1 1/2" thick. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Certificate of authenticity will be included.

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