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Harvey Bewanika Wolf Fetish

Harvey Bewanika

Harvey Bewanika Wolf Fetish

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Classic Harvey Bewanika wolf fetish Hand Carved from serpentine with turquoise inlaid eyes. Harvey began making fetishes in the early 1970s. He and his brother-in-law Saul Yuselew shared a workroom, and for a time lived on opposite sides of the same house. Harvey carved his first fetishes from rocks he found while tending his sheep, as time went on he began producing fetishes for sale. At first Harvey used a hand-cranked grinding wheel and later he acquired a modern electric polishing wheel, but carver Eddington Hannaweeke remembers that most of the time Harvey worked liked the old-time carvers, with rasps and files. Harvey created a variety of animals, but seemed especially fond of bears. He enjoyed working with many types and hues of serpentine, but occasionally he used pipestone or antler. According to his daughter Juanita Tucson, Harvey divided his time between carving fetishes and herding sheep. Many people at Zuni remember him running sheep through the village. He lost the sight in his right eye but in spite of this he continued to carve. Eventually however his compromised vision took its toll, and in the early 1980s he quit carving.  Harvey was born in 1914 and passed away in 1987. Some of his descendants are silver-smiths, but none carve fetishes today.  Order this museum quality carving now and own a small piece of Zuni art history. (Above info comes from the Kent McManus book "Zuni Fetish Carvers of the 1970s"- available on our site). 2 3/4" long- 1" tall (head)- 5/8" wide. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. A certificate of authenticity will be included.

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