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Herb Him Picasso Marble Buffalo

Herbert Him Sr

Herb Him Picasso Marble Buffalo

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$ 399.99

Awesome (very large) buffalo Hand Carved from Picasso marble with turquoise inlaid eyes (admittedly our pictures don't do this buffalo justice). Herb is one of the finest artists at Zuni & has been a mentor to many of the best contemporary Zuni fetish carvers. Herb has great technical carving skill as well as a gifted artistic eye as exemplified by the perfect style, flow, proportion & finish of this museum quality buffalo carving.  Order this buffalo now & experience the pleasure of owning an original Herb Him fetish. Signed Herb Him. 5" long- 3 1/8" tall(at the shoulder)- 1 1/8" wide. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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