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Leekya Rock Rooster Fetish American Indian Stone Bird Carving

Enrike Leekya

Leekya Rock Rooster Fetish

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$ 84.99

Raucous rooster Hand Carved from a form of travertine known as "Zuni or Leekya" rock with turquoise, jet, and red coral inlays. This travertine was used by the legendary carver Leekya Deyuse (the Rembrandt of Zuni fetish carving) and is mined right on the Zuni reservation. The Leekya family are the only carvers that know where the deposit is so if you see a fetish carved from this travertine almost always it is one of Deyuse's descendants that has carved it. Order this barnyard critter now and enjoy! Signed EL.  2 5/8" tall- 3/4" thick- 3 1/4" wide. 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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