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Old Man Halate Eagle Fetish Zuni Indian

Leonard Halate

Old Man Halate Eagle Fetish

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$ 199.99

Black and white Zebra stone marble eagle carved with folded wings, inlaid turquoise fragments as eyes, a bird claw attached as the beak and an abalone shell fish grasped  in it's talons with the whole creation perched on a small flat base of whitish marble. A small but interesting piece with lots of "energy" that overcomes Halate's well known crude carving style. Although the trader insisted Halate himself called this figure a hummingbird, the fish would strongly suggest this is the old carver's version of an eagle or other bird of prey. This carving was originally purchased from Jungle Intrigue in Canoga Park, CA in January of 1997. Leonard was born in 1914 ceased caring in 1998 and died in 2001. He was the patriarch of the Halate carving family. Order this unusual "Old Man" Halate carving now and experience the magic of owning a vintage Leonard Halate fetish. 1" long- 7/8" tall- 5/8" thick. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Certificate of authenticity will be included.

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