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Sarah Leekya Fox Fetish Zuni Vintage Carving

Sarah Leekya

Sarah Leekya Fox Fetish

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Very traditional. pea green serpentine fox carved with simple rounded body shape, upturned head, inlaid jet eyes and an offering of a shell arrow point, turquoise nugget, red coral branch fragment and a couple of heishe beads. This example was carved around 1990 and shows well some of her father Leekya Deyuse's influences- i.e., diminutive legs and distinctive "Leekya ears". Sarah was born in 1930 and died in January of 2017. She was the daughter of Leekya Deyuse and sister of Alice Homer and Francis Leekya. I love this fox! Buy him now. 2 1/4" long- 7/8" tall (head)- 3/8" thick. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Certificate of authenticity will be included.

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