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Septarian Nodule Owl Fetish Zuni Indian Stone Bird Carving

Clive Hustito

Septarian Nodule Zuni Owl Fetish

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$ 134.99

Excellent owl fetish hand carved from a Septarian Nodule with turquoise and red coral inlaid eyes. Septarians are known to have formed during the Cretaceous Period which began approximately one hundred and forty five million years ago and ended sixty six million years ago around the time the dinosaurs disappeared. They formed in bodies of water as minerals and organic matter accumulated around a center mass and gradually over millions of years and with the help of various geological processes, hardened and became cemented together forming a nodule. A septarian nodule is composed of the mineral Calcite (yellow center), aragonite (the brown lines) and limestone (the matrix). Order this denizen of the night now and experience the magic and mystery of sharing your home with a Zuni owl fetish.  Signed Clive Hustito. 2 5/8" tall- 1 3/8" wide- 3/4" deep. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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