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Staley Natewa Horned Toad

Staley Natewa

Staley Natewa Horned Toad

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Staley carved in the realistic style(his mentor was legendary Zuni carver Herbert Him- still carving) & he passed away in 2003. He is most famous for his lizard, horned toad & snake carvings. Staley had two types of skins that he produced for his reptiles, the less produced hand-checkered style which is labor intensive, much like the checkering on a fine shotgun stock as it takes a more masterful touch, more time and expertise than the quicker, easier but just as effective method of dimpling, like the surface of a golf ball. This horned toad has the hand-checkered style skin & is carved in Picasso marble, Staley's preferred carving stone & the eyes are inlaid Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Time for this guy to finally leave our vault & go into your collection- So order this horned toad now & own a piece of Zuni art history. Signed S. Natewa ZUNI on the botom. 5" long- 2 1/8" wide(front feet)- 3/8" tall. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Certificate of Authenticity will be included.

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