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Sun Face Turtle Fetish Carving

Everett Peno

Sun Face Turtle Fetish Carving

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$ 54.99

Awesome turtle Hand Carved from turquoise with a mutistone inlaid Zuni sunface. The Sunface is an ancient symbol in Zuni culture, where it represents the sacred Sun Father. The Zuni have always honored the Sun’s vital role in the cycling of seasons and the success of crops, recognizing that the Sun’s warmth sustains life, enables growth, and brings joy and prosperity to the people. The turquoise in the upper-right represents oneness between the physical and spiritual realms; the coral alongside it offers protection and comfort. The Sun’s main face is made of mother of pearl, which embodies intuition and imagination, while the black jet of fossilized wood completes the face’s features. Together these four materials and their vividly contrasting colors balance each other within a unified circle. Order this wonderful carving now and discover the magic and mystery of owning a Zuni sunface turtle fetish. Signed EP. 2" long- 1 7/8" wide- 3/4" tall. 100% money back satisafction guarantee.

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