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Zuni Fetish Gallery

The Zuni, or A:Shiwi, whose Pueblo is in the northwest corner of New Mexico, are renowned for their fetishes, primarily of animals. Fetishes are objects to be venerated for their powers to protect, heal and overcome. The traits in these animals are often ones we can summon, or aspire to in ourselves. Ceremonial fetishes that carry the blessings of a medicine man are imbued with mystical powers. They are never sold, but talisman carvings of them are. Zun Fetish Gallery is an online gallery offering over 1000 Zuni & Navajo Hand Carved Native American fetishes. We feature a wide range of carvings from museum quality vintage fetishes to modestly priced fetishes for beginning collectors. You can shop by fetish animal including, Zuni badger fetishes, Zuni bear fetishes, Zuni bird fetishes, Zuni buffalo fetishes, Zuni cat fetishes, Zuni eagle fetishes, Zuni fish fetishes, Zuni frog fetishes, Zuni horse fetishes, Zuni corn maiden carvings, Zuni mountain lion fetishes, Zuni owl fetishes, Zuni rabbit fetishes, Zuni reptile fetishes, Zuni snake fetishes, Zuni turtle fetishes & Zuni wolf fetishes. You can also shop by the individual fetish carver's name.
Dowa Yalanne or Corn Mountain at Zuni