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Zuni Fetish Animal Meanings

Zuni alligator fetish carving- Survival, stealth

Zuni antelope fetish carving- Speed, grace, rapid advancement

Zuni Armadillo fetish carving- Slow, sure, gets things right, keeper of the home.

Zuni Badger fetish carving- Boldness, perseverance, individuality, healing- one of the six directional fetishes- South

Zuni bat fetish carving- Guardian of the night, cleaner

Zuni bear fetish carving- strength, introspection, self-knowledge, healing, lightens emotional burdens, the power of the soul- one of the six directional fetishes- West

Zuni beaver fetish carving- Builder, strong sense of family & home, power of working & attaining a sense of achievement, keeper of the waterways

Zuni bee fetish carving- Service, gathering, community

Zuni bird fetish carving- Unity, freedom, community

Zuni buffalo fetish carving- Abundance, healing, good fortune, endurance to overcome, great emotional courage, provider to all

Zuni butterfly fetish carving- Transformation, balance, grace, the ability to know or to change the mind

Zuni coyote fetish carving- Laughter, humor, foolishness, trickiness, reversal of fortune, master trickster

Zuni caribou fetish carving- Travel, mobility

Zuni crow fetish carving- Council, wisdom, resourcefulness, the keeper of the sacred law

Zuni deer carving- Great power of gentleness, Sensitivity, Peace

Zuni dog fetish carving- Loyalty, nobility, true & loyal friend

Zuni dolphin fetish carving- Trust, loyalty, spirit of friendship, joy, harmony, connection with self

Zuni dragonfly fetish carving- Skill, refinement, relentlessness

Zuni duck fetish carving- Spirit of those who have passed on

Zuni eagle fetish carving- Creator, teacher, loyalty, great integrity, spirit connection to the divine, potency, healing, power, illumination- one of the six directional fetishes-Sky

Zuni elk fetish carving- Pride, power, majesty, pacing for stamina

Zuni feather- spirit

Zuni fish fetish carving- Purifier, character, ability to hide emotions

Zuni fox fetish carving- Camouflage, protection, ingenuity, quickness, cleverness, subtlety, discretion, great passion

Zuni frog fetish carving- Bringer of rain, abundance, fertility, cleansing, peace, emotional healing, silently warns of danger

Zuni goat fetish carving- Tenacity, diligence

Zuni goose fetish carving- Safe return, love of home

Zuni hawk fetish carving- Messenger of the Gods, awareness, truth, to observe the obvious in what you do

Zuni hedgehog fetish carving- Self- preservation

Zuni horned toad fetish carving- Self reliance, longevity, protects ancestral bounty

Zuni horse fetish carving- Swiftness, strength, enlightenment, healing, freedom, power, safe movement 

Zuni hummingbird fetish carving- Beauty, wonder, agility, messenger, stopper of time

Zuni Kokopelli carving- Fertility, music, joy

Zuni lizard fetish carving- Letting go, elusiveness, agility, conversation

Zuni loon fetish carving- Communication, serenity

Zuni lynx fetish carving- Knower of secrets, clairvoyant ability

Zuni mole fetish carving- Amplifies connection with the earth, protector of the crops- one of the six directional fetishes, Underground

Zuni moose fetish carving- Headstrong, unstoppable, longevity, unpredictability

Zuni mountain lion fetish carving- Leadership, resourcefulness, courage, high standards, balance- one of the six directional fetishes- North

Zuni mouse fetish carving- Illusion, charm, scrutiny, paying attention to detail

Zuni otter fetish carving- Laughter, curiosity, mischievousness, joy, lightness

Zuni owl fetish carving- Wisdom, vision, insight, deception, can see what others can't

Zuni pheasant fetish carving- Confidence, attraction, flamboyance

Zuni porcupine fetish carving- Power of faith & trust, innocence, humility

Zuni quail fetish carving- Sacred spiral, ceremonial, holy, protectiveness, group harmony

Zuni rabbit fetish carving- Virtue, serenity, low curiosity, quiet talent, passion, conquering fear, safety, special guardian of women in childbirth, safe birth, long life

Zuni raccoon fetish carving- Bandit, shy, resourcefulness

Zuni ram fetish carving- Sense of self worth, assures an increase in flocks

Zuni raven fetish carving- Magic, the messenger of the great mystery, a change in consciousness, exploration of the unknown

Zuni salmon fetish carving- Determination, persistence

Zuni sandpiper fetish carving- Quickness- foraging, scavenging

Zuni seagull fetish carving- Carefree attitude, versatility, freedom

Zuni seal fetish carving- Family oriented, contentment, possess power in numbers

Zuni sheep fetish carving- Charity, elegance, passion, best at the arts, talents bring riches

Zuni skunk fetish carving- Caution, warning, intense, conspicuous, wariness

Zuni snail fetish ccarving- Perseverance, determination

Zuni snake fetish carving- Power, life force, sexual potency, transmutation, death, rebirth

Zuni spider fetish carving- Creative patterns of life, web of life, interconnection, industry

Zuni squirrel fetish carving- Natural intelligence, saver, protects reserves, trust, thrift 

Zuni swan fetish carving- Elegance, nurturing

Zuni turkey fetish carving- Smart, elusive, festive

Zuni turtle fetish carving- Longevity, fertility. love, protection, healing, knowledge, home, reliability, oldest symbol of mother earth

Zuni whale fetish carving- Creativity, intuition

Zuni wolf fetish carving- Teacher, pathfinder, sharing of your knowledge, loyalty, interdependence, family oriented, never ending journey- one of the six directional fetishes- East