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Aaron & Thelma Sheche Frog Fetish

Thelma & Aaaron Sheche

Aaron & Thelma Sheche Frog Fetish

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Stellar frog fetish Hand Carved from a lovely specimen of Picasso marble with red coral eyes and a nice fetish bundle consisting of turquoise and red coral nuggets with a flint arrowhead. This is a rare offering for the Sheches, not many of their frogs are around. Thelma (Born 1928-2023) and Aaron(1910-2002)were respectively the daughter and son-in-law of Teddy Kucate, one of the early giants in Zuni fetish carving. Aaron and Thelma's work is represented in the Smithsonian Institute of the American Indian in Washington D.C. Aaron did most of the carving and Thelma handled the detail work and polishing. Aaron and Thelma were deeply spiritual people who believed in the Old Zuni ways and their fetishes were carved in the traditional fashion as illustrated in Frank Cushing's seminal book "Zuni Fetishes". Order this museum-quality frog now and own an important piece of Zuni art history. Signed AS & TS. 2 1/8" long- 1 1/4" thick- 1 1/4" tall. 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. A certificate of authenticity will be included.

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