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Chad Quandelaacy Corn Maidens

Chad Quandelacy

Chad Quandelaacy Corn Maidens

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These four elegant corn maidens were carved from a lovely specimen of turquoise with many turquoise, red coral, and jet inlays with intricate incised details throughout, Chad is one of the most talented young carvers at Zuni and is the son of Stewart Quandelacy and Priscilla Lasiloo. The Quandelacy family is very famous for beautiful corn maiden carvings and Chad's Auntie Faye Quandelcay is credited with creating the "Maiden" art form. Order these demure corn maidens now and discover the pleasure of owning Zuni corn maidens. 3" tall- 1 1/4" wide- 3/8" thick. 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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