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Jayne Quam Dragonfly Fetish

Jayne Quam

Jayne Quam Dragonfly Fetish

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$ 164.99

Gorgeous dragonfly Hand Crafted featuring abalone wings and an orange spiney oyster shell body with beautiful multi stone inlays, including a lapis head. Shumakolowa is the Zuni word for dragonfly (Pronounced “shoe-mu-koh-low-wa,”) and it's appearance is often a harbinger of rain or a blessing. Order this magical insect and experience the magic of owning a Jayne Quam dragonfly fetish. Signed Jayne Quam. 3 5/8" wingspan- 4 1/8" long (body)- 3/8" thick (body). 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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