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Leekya Bear and Raven Fetish

Hayes Leekya

Leekya Bear and Raven Fetish

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$ 109.99

Lumbering large bear Hand Carved from a form of travertine known as "Leekya or Zuni Rock" with inlaid pen shell eyes and a black marble raven hitchhiker. Hayes is a member of the most illustrious carving family at Zuni being the grandson of Leekya Deyuse who many consider to be the Rembrandt of Zuni fetish carving. Haye's father was Francis Leekya and his brothers are Freddy and Delvin all accomplished carvers in their own rights. Order this iconic symbol of the Zuni Pueblo now and own a wonderful piece of Zuni fetish carving history. Signed HL. 3 1/2" long- 2" wide- 2 3/8" tall (head). 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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