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Marnella Kucate Chrysocolla Bear Fetish

Marnella Kucate

Marnella Kucate Chrysocolla Bear Fetish

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$ 129.99

Awesome large bear fetish Hand Carved from a lovely specimen of chrysocolla with turuoise inlaid eyes. Marnella is the granddaughter of the legendary husband and wife carving team of Thelma and Aaaron Sheche. Marnella's carvings are in the traditional Sheche and Kucate style, but she no longer carves fetishes or lives at the Zuni Pueblo. Order this rare carving now and experience the magic of owning a Zuni bear fetish. 2 7/8" long- 1 1/2" tall- 5/8" thick. 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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