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Serpentine Frog Fetish

Peter & Dinah Gasper

Serpentine Frog Fetish

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$ 349.99

Flawless frog Hand Carved from a very "frog like" specimen of serpentine with turquoise inlaid eyes and nostrils and a beautiful fetish bundle. Pete and Dinah were the preeminent husband and wife carving team at the Zuni Pueblo known for their high quality fetishes and fetish necklaces. Since Pete's passing Dinah has continued to carve on her own but on a very limited basis. Extremely high quality fetish with perfect execution in every aspect including style, form, proportion and finish. Order this museum quality frog and enjoy!(I have many of Pete and Dinah's frogs in my personal collection)2 5/8" long- 2" wide- 1 1/2" tall. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.Certificate of authenticity will be included

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