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Sherdine Tsattie Bear Fetish

Sherdine Tsattie

Sherdine Tsattie Bear Fetish

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$ 109.99

Stellar bear fetish Hand Carved from marble with turquoise inlaid eyes and a nice turquoise and red coral nugget fetish bundle. Sherdine was the wife of renowned Zuni carver Jeffrey Taslabutie  and is the mother of her equally famous son, carver Loren Tsalabutie. You can see that she drew her inspiration from both of their carving styles. This bear has an expressive face and a flawless finish that makes him a pleasure to touch and hold. Sherdine doesn't carve any more so order this rare bear now and experience the magic of owning a Sherdine Tsattie fetish. Signed ST. 2 3/4" long- 1 5/16" tall- 3/4" thick (rear). 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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