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Six Directional Zuni Universe Fetish

Wilfred Cachini

Six Directional Zuni Universe Fetish

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$ 169.99

Awesome large Zuni Six Directional fetish Hand Carved from a lovely specimen of turquoise with jet inlaid eyes. The Zuni acknowledge six directions in their world view and assign a color and animal to each. For the purposes of healing and protection, the animals are: Yellow Mountain Lion of the North, Red Badger of the South, White Wolf of the East, Blue Bear of the West, Black Mole of the Nadir (in the earth/underground), and the many colored Eagle of the Zenith (of the heavens). This animal totem is a wonderful little piece of Zuni culture so buy it now and you will feel happy every time you see it in your home. Signed Cachini. 3" tall- 1" thick (center)- 2" wide (center). 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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